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Texas Flint-Chert Small Mix

Texas flint and chert small spalls mix for flint knapping-15 pound lot, shipping included.

This unique material is mined from our exclusive deposit in the Texas Hill Country. It includes tan, gray-tan, and slightly pinkish cherts, caramel colored translucent flint, and pieces that go from purely opaque to very translucent.

This stone is mined material, not surface trash, and has been professionally heated and graded. Size is from 3 inches down and suitable for arrow and atlatl dart sized points.

Some of the unusual characteristics of this product include small solid spots of dolomite that chip right through, occasional fossil inclusions, and more rarely a crystal pocket. Some have cortex on one side that can be removed; all graded for cracks. Perfect for small Paleo and Early Archaic points as well as fine arrow points with parallel flaking. This material stains and antiques extremely well and makes excellent replicas.

These spalls require some percussion flaking and are glossy enough to pressure flake nicely. Perfect for use with Copper Bopper billets.

With consistent grading, every 15 pound box contains a reliably similar mix with approximately 100 pieces per box. Price includes USPS Priority shipping.

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