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Socketed Lance Head

This is a cone-socketed tool steel lance head like those used in China, Europe, Asia and Africa for hundreds of years.

Made for attachment to your 1 1/2 in. diameter lance shaft. Good for everything from lions, to Russian Boars, elk, deer, grizzly bears or human aggressors, this lance head is durable, sleek and well-made.

Unlike most Native American style lance heads, this one can be thrown, but there are no lance heads that can be thrown into rocks, tree trunks and other bulky stationary objects without breaking eventually.  A lance is a thrusting, stabbing tool as opposed to a spear.

 Great conversation or display piece, and the only lance head we've seen that can take the abuse of a REAL hunter jumping from a tree onto an unsuspecting elk.

14 inches length overall, 1 3/4 inches wide.

Per lance head.....$19.95

* hand made to our specifications in Pakistan

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