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Mountable stone arrowheads, bronze and steel arrow points, stone knife blades and more.

Stone, bone and steel blades for the primitive craftsman. Includes arrowheads, stone and metal knife blades, Plains style lance blades and more.
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Here are all the products in this category:
Hand Flaked Stone Arrow Points
superfine mountable arrow points priced per point
$ 8.00
Hand-flaked Arrow points 4 pack
Corner-notched novaculite arrowheads for specimens or mounting
$ 16.00
Metal Trade Style Arrow Points
hand made steel arrow points
$ 2.50
Trade Style Metal Arrow Points dozen
lots of 12 metal points
$ 18.00
Bone Arrow Point
Mountable Bone Arrow Points
$ 2.50
Stone Tomahawk Blades
fine, hand-flaked stone blades
$ 15.00
Stone Tomahawk Blades, antiqued
Antiqued hawk blades that look ancient
$ 17.00
Forged Primtive Steel Knife Blades
medium steel knife blades
$ 12.00
Metal Lance Blades
Slender forged blade for Plains style lances
$ 14.00
Hand Flaked Stone Knife Blades small
3 to 3 1/2 inch novaculite knife blades
$ 14.00
Large Stone Knife Blades
Larger hand-flaked stone blades
$ 17.00
Deluxe Stone Knife Blades
Our finest stone knife blades
$ 25.00
Tanged Bronze Javelin Point
Tanged Bronze Javelin Pont
$ 9.95
Shang style Bronze Boot Knife
Short boot knife and utility blade of cast bronze
$ 19.00
Bronze Boot Knife
Bronze Age Chinese Boot Knife casting
$ 19.00
Eurasian Diamond Arrow Point
Socketed Old World Style Arrow Point -- diamond shaped
$ 4.00
Eurasian Leaf-Shaped Arrow Point
Old World Style Leaf-Shaped Socketed Arrow Point
$ 4.00
Socketed Lance Head
Socketed Steel Fighting/Hunting Lance Head
$ 19.95