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Plains Style Lance

The Plains Style Lance was always an important part of the weapons arsenal. Early in prehistory, the lance was a stone tipped weapon, most likely with a hardwood or bone foreshaft to make changing points easy and to avoid having to carry another heavy shaft as backup.

When steel trade blades or broken swords from the Spanish or cavalry replaced the traditional stone, the lance became a very durable item.

Lances were primarily thrusting weapons, and were often used from horseback. They varied in length from a reported 14 foot model used by the Comanches to a more normal six foot. Our replica Plains style lance is six feet long, wrapped in smoked deer or elk hide, red trade cloth and ribbons and accented with animal fur. All of our lances come with either hand painted eagle feather simulations or a horsehair tassle . The mild steel blade is made to resemble a hammered out sword blade.

A striking decorator piece...........$175.00 US