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Plains Style Arrows

The hunters and warriors of the Great Plains were excellent archers. When most of us think of North American Indians we think of bows and arrows.

We have sold thousands of these in the last 30 years, and the pictures do not do them justice. Our Plains Indian style arrows are made on hand carved shafts, lashed and fletched with natural animal sinew and reinforced with animal hide glues. Our stone-tipped arrows feature points that are extremely fine. These arrows are painted with natural stains and ochres, and are antiqued to look OLD.

They are perfect for wall mounting, singly or in crossed pairs, are attractive framed or as companions to a full set of Plains archery tackle.

If you would like some variation, need QUANTITIES of these arrows for awards for your group, den or pack, and care to hear our ideas about using our products for your awards. Please feel free to email us at and inquire.

Approximately 26+ inches long, with blue, and/or red crestmarks under the feathers........w/stone points $40.00 each.