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Stone Knife

For primitive skill building in flint knapping, arrow making, knife making and more...

Native Way kits are more than a few supplies, but are courses in the ancient skills.

Each is designed to introduce new crafts and to leave you with a prized collectible.

Native Way kits are best used with adult supervision. We introduce the basic skills that have been used for thousands of years to produce durable, effective weaponry and cutting tools.

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Here are all the products in this category:
Basic Flintknapping Kit (Antler Billet)
The essential tools and enough stone to get started
$ 27.00
Copper Bopper Flintknapping Kit
Basic Flint Knapping Kit with COPPER BOPPER billet
$ 25.00
Antler Handle Stone Knife Kit
stone knife blade, handle stock, hafting, glue and instructions
$ 26.00
Deluxe Stone Knife Kit
larger blade, antler handle
$ 35.00
Great Plains Indian Style Arrow Kit
A beginners course in arrow-making
$ 9.95
Metal Bladed Knife Kit
Antler handle, 9 inch primitive steel blade
$ 25.00
Osage Orange Handled Stone Knife Kit
wooden handled stone knife kit complete
$ 22.00
Primitive Paints and Pigments Kit
Natural pigments and instruction NOT FOR COSMETIC USE
$ 27.00
Strike-A-Lite Flint and Steel Firemaking Kit
Classic Flint and Steel Set with burnable tin for making charcloth
$ 18.00
Deluxe Flint and Steel Firemaking Kit
Flint and Steel Firemaking Kit with large striker, tin and supplies
$ 21.00