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Heated Arkansas Novaculite

BACK FROM THE QUARRY WITH THE BEST PORCELAIN NOVACULITE WE HAVE HAD FOR YEARS!!! White to off-white and some spiderwebbed with clear veins.

NOTE: You will need a billet of some type to reduce 3-6 inch material into smaller flakes for pressure flaking

NOVACULITE DESCRIPTION BELOW: For nearly 30 years we have quarried Arkansas novaculite for flintknapping, and sell the finest fine-grained, cleaned material available to the trade. We tend to grade harder, leave more flaws in the quarry, and clean the spalls more than most producers. In the finest grades this is a super flintknapping material great for beginners.

Over three thousand years ago, areas of central Arkansas were being extensively mined for the nearly pure silica we call novaculite. Large quantities of stone were quarried for shipment to outlying areas, including many tons that would be floated down the Ouachita River into present-day Louisiana. From there, it was traded raw or finished throughout the Lower Mississippi Valley. The Poverty Point Culture of northeastern Louisiana was involved in this early novaculite trade as part of a vast exchange network in gem minerals and chippable stones. The most common use of novaculite at the time seems to have been to make the simple and efficient Gary style spear or dart point.

Our modern day novaculite mining effort yields a stone that varies from the more common pure white to pure black and includes many shades of tan, brown, pink and purple. The vast majority of Arkansas novaculite is inferior knapping material, but by moving several tons of stone quality zones of pure material are exposed. After breaking blocks into large quarry spalls just as the ancient miners did, we heat the material to 850 degrees Farenheit, then cool, clean and grade.

This process produces a stone that is very easy to chip but is not so brittle as obsidian or glass. It is an excellent stone for beginners or experts as it is available in large, consistent pieces.

Novaculite is microscopically porous, allowing it to accept many stains and dyes. Metallic nitrates, salts or carbohydrates in solution will penetrate this stone to great depths. Then, careful heating can yield dramatic color changes. Some users report good results with inks, wood stains, oils or waxes.

Cleaned, heated spalls and preforms of novaculite, grade #1 3" to 6" mixed. Suitable for fine, thin arrow and spear points and knife blades, percussion or pressure flaking techniques.

#1 3"-6" mixed colors and sizes............$5.00/lb


This material is sold as a mix of 3-6 inch spalls and preforms that have been heated, cleaned and selected.

If you only order a pound or two you may not get the largest sizes available, unless you email us and make a specific request.

If you request only 6 inch material it is much more expensive to produce and you should email us about your needs. As noted this advertised material is sold as a 3-6 inch mix.

It takes about a 4 or 5 pound order to get all the ranges of sizes and color available at any particular time.

If you can only make bird points out of 3-5 inch material, then our novaculite is NOT your problem. If you are any good at knapping you should expect to make finished items 80% to 90% of the cleaned stone length.

If your need is for smaller or larger pieces please specify your needs in an email. We cannot read your mind. Experience shows that in value per dollar, most people will be happiest with the 3-6 inch mix advertised.

You will need either an aluminum, copper or antler billet to reduce 3-6 inch material to the pressure flaking stage. This material requires percussion techniques.

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