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Glues, Pigments, Sinews and Hafting Materials

Glues and hafting materials

These are all natural materials that have been used for eons to make fine primitive weaponry.

Sorry, we do not sell artificial sinew, but we do sell two types of natural sinew, animal hide glue, natural pigments and much more.

All Items this category:

Animal Hide Glue
5 oz granular with instructions
$ 6.00
Animal Hide Glue 5 lbs.
Granular hide glue in 5 lb bag
$ 36.00
Gut Hafting Material
20 ft. roll, dried with instructions
$ 5.00
Whitetail Backstrap Sinew
Cleaned, dried hanks 12-16 inches long
$ 8.00
Rawhide Hafting Strips
Bag of 1 pair , 24 to 30 inches
$ 2.00
Bone Button Blanks
Cow bone discs
$ 15.00
Bone Button Blanks, small
Cow bone discs
$ 15.00
Black Magnetite Pigment
ground black magnetite for primitive painting
$ 3.00
Bright Red Ochre Pigment
Classic Native American Ochre red pigment
$ 6.00
Bright Yellow Ochre Pigment
bright natural yellow pigment for painting
$ 6.00
Dull Yellow Ochre Pigment
powdered ochre pigment for antiquing
$ 3.00
Ochre - Dull Red
Dull reddish ochre for antiquing and background color
$ 3.00
Primitive Paints and Pigments Kit
Natural pigments and instruction NOT FOR COSMETIC USE
$ 27.00