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Flintknapping Supplies

knapping supplies Supplies for Flintknapping

Knapping stone, Antler and Metal Billets, Leather Pads, Instruction

We offer a line of carefully graded spalled flint knapping stone that is selected for easy knappability. This category contains everything you'll need to get started with flint knapping.

Purchase from us with confidence -- we have been in the commercial flintknapping supply business for over 30 years!


Heated Arkansas Novaculite
Heated, graded spalls of #1 grade Arkansas Novaculite
$ 5.00
Heated Arkansas Novaculite Quarry Spalls
Heated, Uncleaned Novaculite Quarry Spalls 5 lb lots
$ 18.00
Texas Flint Mix
Mixed Texas Flint and Chert -- 3 to 6 inch spalls and preforms
$ 5.00
Texas Flint Mix Quarry Spalls
Heated, uncleaned mixed Texas flint and chert quarry spalls
$ 18.00
Large 3-6 inch graded spalls
$ 4.00
Obsidian/Dacite Smalls Mix
Mixed Small Spalls of Dacite and Obsidian for arrow points 4 lb mix
$ 15.00
Obsidian/Dacite Chips and Chunks
Chips and Chunks Obsidian/Dacite Arrow Point material 20 lb box
$ 35.00
Small Deer Antler Billet
Small Deer Antler Billet
$ 9.00
Medium Antler Billet
6 - 9 ounce antler billet
$ 16.00
Large Antler Billet
9 - 12 ounce antler billet
$ 23.00
Aluminum Billets
Versatile, lightweight billet for general percussion
$ 9.00
Small Copper Bopper
Small Copper Bopper
$ 10.00
Large Copper Bopper
Large Copper Bopper
$ 12.00
Copper-tipped Pressure Flaker
Wooden dowel handle with copper tip
$ 3.00
Antler Tine Flakers (3 pack)
Select Antler Tines for Pressure flaking (3 pack)
$ 9.00
Antler Punches (3 pack)
Axis Deer Antler Punches for indirect percussion (3 pack)
$ 9.00
Axis Antler Tine Billet
Long Axis Antler tine with rounded end
$ 7.00
Silicon Carbide Hand Abrader
For edge preparation in flintknapping
$ 6.00
Leather Knee Pad
Cowhide pad for flintknapping
$ 6.00
Green Silicon Carbide Soft Bond Grinding Wheels
Soft bond, for wet grinding @3600 rpm
$ 21.00
Hard Green Silicon Carbide Grinding Wheel
Hard bond wheel for wet grinding @3600 rpm
$ 12.00
The Art of Flintknapping
A classic for self-taught flintknappers
$ 14.00
Art of Flint Knapping Video Companion DVD
DVD Video to go with the book
$ 25.00
Basic Flintknapping Kit (Antler Billet)
The essential tools and enough stone to get started
$ 27.00
Basic Flintknapping Kit (Metal Billet)
Our new metal Billet kit! The essential tools and enough stone to get started.
$ 25.00
Copper Bopper Flintknapping Kit
Basic Flint Knapping Kit with COPPER BOPPER billet
$ 25.00
Basic Flintknapping Techniques DVD
Instructions in basic flintknapping
$ 15.95
Knap Pak
Knap Pak handy portable flintknapping kit
$ 18.00
Featured Items
Mixed Heated Flint Spalls NEW! Texas Flint Mix
New mix of Texas flints and cherts, heated and graded. Also avaialble in quarry spalls.

#1 Large...$5 per pound -- Quarry spalls...$18 per 5 lb lot

Copper Bopper Flintknapping Kit
Buy this kit with a Copper Bopper for the fastest learning experience. The Copper Bopper is a light, effective, gentle percussion baton.

Our kits include 2 lbs of selected small knapping stone in easy-to-chip varieties.

Only $25.00