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Whether you are teaching beginners for fun or teaching fracture mechanics to anthropology students, we can tailor a supply package to meet your needs most economically.

Our heated Arkansas Novaculite and our Dacite are available in size ranges and qualities that make learning easy and affordable.

Email us your class size and the scope of your project and we will tailor your assortment of tools and stone supplies.

note of caution: Flintknapping is an adult activity for most, and there is always a little blood involved. We assume no liability for accidents that occur as you turn razor-sharp stone into tools -- we guarantee these materials will cut anything that is alive.

Small Antler Billet Dozen Small Antler Billet dozen pack
Packs of one dozen small deer antler billets shaped and ready to use.

These are small billets suitable for light percussion work on quality knapping stones like novaculite and heated cherts. Perfect for arrow point sized work and small tools. Pack of 12...$84.00

Aluminum billet dozen Aluminum Billet 12 pack
Packs of 12 aluminum knapping billets ready for years of use.

These come complete with a rubber sleeve that reduces fatigue and keeps the hands clean. Aluminum billets are lightweight yet still work well for points, blades, stone cleaning and testing. Most of our shop work is done with aluminum billets. Pack of 12.....$96.00

Copper-tipped pressure flakers 12 pack
Our standard pressure flaker in a dozen pack.

Copper-tipped pressure flakers are superior to antler times for pressure flaking because the copper tip lasts much longer. Resharpen copper tips by hammering to a point and the copper gets harder and more durable still. 12 pack..........$30.00

Knap Pak Knap Pak by the dozen
Our Knap Pak contains a small leather pad, an abrader, aluminum billet, a pressure flaker and the 8 page instruction sheet that comes in our flintknapping kits.

Buy these by the dozen and save. Knap Pak lot of 12...$180

Flintknapping Stone for Teaching
We have sold tons of these stones for classes and demonstrations. They are proven performers.
Novaculite Quarry Spalls - Approximately 3-7 inch spalls heated but uncleaned. This material has some waste but is superior learning material. White to off white novaculite. Sold in 5 lb lots for $18.00
Dacite mediums - Dacite, or gray stone-like volcanic glass spalled and graded into a mix that offers more pieces per pound than the standard 3-6 inch mix. Some are a little thick but a perfect size to learn about percussion flaking. 2 to 4 inch average, 20 lb lots for $70.
Small Novaculite Quarry Spalls - These are heated spalls with the largest removed. More pieces per pound but a smaller size make these good for classes and practice. They come in 20 pound lots at $60 for the lot.
Leather Pads dozen - Good utility leather knee pads, a bit smaller than our standard. Use one or two thicknesses for percussion or pressure flaking. Dozen ......$18.00

Basic Flintknapping Techniques DVD - This 63 minute video explains and explains again fracture mechanics, stone types and use, posture, tools and tips and much more. It is written in easy-to-understand language. A teaching bargain at $15.95