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Comanche Style Flatbows

Our replica Plains style flatbows are made of Osage Orange or Acacia (locust), are 42 to 50 inches long, and are hand worked with drawknife, following a single growth ring on the back of the bow.

The Osage Orange tree, native to a small area of Texas, Oklahoma and Arkansas, yields a bright canary yellow wood of uncommon resilience, while the Acacia or Black Locust has a greenish brown wood that is very fast-shooting.

Our bows are decorated with the same muted colors we use for our arrows, and also have tassles of horsehair, and a stitched leather handle. Like all of our Plains replicas, our bows are antiqued to look OLD. These bows are intended to be used as decorator and collector pieces, but we are sure they would work in a pinch. All have been strung and shot.

We send these out with a brown dacron string that looks good but will take some neglect or abuse. If you desire a natural gut string for an additional $10 email us and let us know to add one to your order Comanche Style Flatbow.............$150.00 US.