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Basic Flintknapping Kit (Antler Billet)

An easy entry into the basics of flintknapping. Includes a 4-8 ounce antler billet (axis, whitetail or mule deer as available) , copper tipped pressure flaker, rubber pad, leather hand pad, abrading stone and two pounds of selected knapping stone as well as an 8 page instruction packet.

Our instructions will get you started, but a copy of the Art of Flintknapping or one of our instructional DVD's will make your learning much faster.

Billet shown is a solid Axis Deer tine billet, but the billet we include may be white, brown, gray, smaller or larger. It will work just fine on the heated novaculite, dacite and obsidian included in the kit. 


Hundreds sold......$27.00 ea

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