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Arrow Making Supplies

Arrow-making supplies

Supplies and arrow shafts for making authentic-looking award and specimen arrows

For those who wish to learn the fascinating skill of arrow-making we offer these supplies and instruction.

"Primitive" Native American style arrows are primitive, NOT crude.

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Here are all the products in this category:
Hand Carved Cedar Arrow Shafts
Hand Carved Cedar Arrow Shafts
$ 12.00
Arrow Shaft Blanks
lots of one dozen arrow shaft blanks for making primitive arrows
$ 6.00
Hand Flaked Stone Arrow Points
superfine mountable arrow points priced per point
$ 8.00
Hand-flaked Arrow points 4 pack
Corner-notched novaculite arrowheads for specimens or mounting
$ 16.00
Metal Trade Style Arrow Points
hand made steel arrow points
$ 2.50
Trade Style Metal Arrow Points dozen
lots of 12 metal points
$ 24.00
White Turkey Wing Feathers
B;eached white turkey wing feathers sold in lots of 12
$ 5.50
Black turkey Wing Feathers
Dyed black large turkey wing feathers sold per dozen
$ 5.50
Animal Hide Glue
5 oz granular with instructions
$ 6.00
Whitetail Backstrap Sinew
Cleaned, dried hanks 12-16 inches long
$ 8.00
Eurasian Diamond Arrow Point
Socketed Old World Style Arrow Point -- diamond shaped
$ 4.00
Eurasian Leaf-Shaped Arrow Point
Old World Style Leaf-Shaped Socketed Arrow Point
$ 4.00
Primitive Paints and Pigments Kit
Natural pigments and instruction NOT FOR COSMETIC USE
$ 27.00
Making a Plains Style Indian Arrow
20 page detailed instruction in arrow making
$ 2.50
Great Plains Indian Style Arrow Kit
A beginners course in arrow-making
$ 9.95
The Art of Making Primitive Bows and Arrows
great introduction to the craft
$ 14.00
Plains Style Arrows
finished antiqued stone-tipped arrows
$ 40.00